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List of Equipments for off line in Q.C System

Posted by Engr Kh. Mashiur Rahman on October 9, 2013

List Of Equipments for Off Line Q.C System

Pic meterOn line quality assurance system
Off line quality assurance system

Physical tests
Chemical tests

Threads per inch-Instrument
Fabric weight -Instrument
Width test -Instrument
Tensile strength -Instrument
Tear strength -Instrument
Seam slippage -Instrument
Abrasion resistance -Instrument
Pilling resistance -Instrument
Thermal stability -Instrument
Crease resistance -Instrument
Stretch ability & growth recovery -Instrument
Smoothness appearance -Instrument

Fastness to washing. – -Instrument
Fastness to light -Instrument
Fastness to heat -Instrument
Fastness to actual laundering -Instrument
Fastness to sea water -Instrument
Fastness to Chlorinated water -Instrument
Fastness to water spotting -Instrument
Fastness to perspiration -Instrument\

Spectrophotometer with software (Data color) -Instrument
Martindale Abrasion Tester -Instrument
Day light box -Instrument
Sample dyeing machine -Instrument
Iron -Instrument
Electric Balance -Instrument
Crock meter -Instrument
Data color -Instrument
Washing m/c -Instrument
GSM Tester -Instrument
PH meter -Instrument


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